Our wire form hardware comes in all styles and varieties from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The key to a successful wire forming operation is the combination of engineering and manufacturing skills with the capabilities of modern machinery. Our specialized equipment is designed and tooled to form all types of complex parts to exacting tolerances. We typically utilize wire in sizes from 1/32" diameter to 9/16" ranging in lengths up to 80 " and more. Our fully automated machinery allows us to to efficiently produce both high and low volume orders.

Supply us with a sample (if available) a drawing or blueprint of the part, the quantity of parts and delivery date required, the finish needed (Hindley routinely furnishes plating, plastisol coating, and dry powder coating) and lastly the end use of the part. How will your parts be used? With our 100 plus years of experience, we may be able to make suggestions that would save you money or improve your product!

CUSTOM WIRE FORMS are Computer designed by Hindley engineers to provide high quality, cost effective solutions for a broad spectrum of product applications. Often, a slight dimensional modification, change in configuration or material variation from Standard Product Specs, saves time and money.

For complex designs, the experience gained by developing many thousands of special parts is used to convert innovative design concepts into finished components.

Hindley designers combine years of tooling know-how with a variety of processing techniques. Working with wire diameters from 1/32" to 5/8" in steel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, monel, and stainless steel, skilled equipment operators employ over 100 pieces of automated machinery for primary forming and the addition of special secondary features. These include roll threading, knurling, and grooving, pointing, chamfering, broaching, punching, wire shaping, milling, drilling, tapping, stamping and welding.

Hindley also provides heat treating and a wide variety of finishes for corrosion protection and enhanced appearance. Prototype, short and long run orders all receive the careful attention of our fully staffed Quality Control Department



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